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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nintendo Revolution:
An Official Overview...

Each generation of video game consoles builds on the past to set new standards for the future. As the company with the strongest heritage of innovation, Nintendo redefines expectations for all next-gen systems by employing a wide-ranging strategy to attract more kinds of gamers to more kinds of games. When Nintendo’s new console, code-named Revolution, arrives in 2006, everyone will discover the meaning of All-Access Gaming.

"We will show the world what a next-gen system can be. Revolution marries the strongest heritage of innovation to the future of gaming," says Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. "With backward compatibility and the 'virtual console' concept, the stylish, compact body provides maximum gaming power. It will not only take home entertainment into another dimension by expanding the definition of video games, but it also will give you access to the great history of gaming."
Some of the system features that wowed the crowd at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles include:

The Cool Look

The new console boasts high-quality materials and a smart, compact design, approximately the size of three standard DVD cases stacked together. A variety of prototype colors are being showcased during E3. It will come with a silver stand that makes the system a welcome, artistic component of any multimedia setup, whether it’s displayed vertically or horizontally.

Backward Compatibility

The new console plays all games from the current Nintendo GameCube generation. But there's more…

The Secret Weapon

The console also will have downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Easy Expansion

A bay for an SD memory card will let players expand the internal flash memory.

Two Disc Formats, One Slot

Instead of a tray, a single, innovative, self-loading media bay will play both 12-centimeter optical discs used for the new system as well as Nintendo GameCube discs. Owners will have the option of equipping a small, self-contained attachment to play movies and other DVD content.

The Specs

The system boasts 512 megabytes of internal flash memory, wireless controllers, two USB 2.0 ports and built-in Wi-Fi access. A worldwide network of Nintendo players can gather to compete in a comfortable, inviting environment. Revolution’s technological heart, a processing chip developed with IBM and code-named "Broadway," and a graphics chip set from ATI code-named "Hollywood," will deliver game experiences not previously possible.

The Stars

Introduction of a number of new franchise properties will add to the world’s richest stable of stars, including Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong and Metroid.

Wireless Freedom

A number of Wi-Fi-enabled launch titles are in development that will employ Nintendo’s newly announced wireless gaming service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. A worldwide network of Nintendo players can gather to compete in a comfortable, inviting environment.

Freedom Of Design

A dynamic development architecture equally accommodates both big-budget, high-profile game “masterpieces” as well as indie games conceived by individual developers equipped with only a big idea.

"Our next console proves small in size but big on ideas," says Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales & marketing. "We’re throwing open the doors of gaming to wider audiences, from casual players to hard-core gamers who live for the thrill of defeating an endless army of wireless opponents."

Nintendo's All-Access Gaming philosophy covers the spectrum. The next console fits anywhere. It brings together new games and old. It gives people worldwide access through wireless Wi-Fi connections. And it opens the world of video games – to everyone. Software for the new console will even attract people who don’t consider themselves players. Adults, kids, men and women around the world will have access to the most popular video game characters, the best game franchises and the most engaging experiences yet developed – only with Nintendo.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to show off a new paid-search service on Wednesday that will eventually go toe-to-toe with rival Google and supplant partner Yahoo's advertising.

As previously reported, Microsoft's Internet group is developing a pay-per-click ad-bidding system that pairs search results with sponsored text messages from advertisers. Yahoo's Overture Services currently supplies MSN with sponsored search links, which complement MSN-sold "featured sites."

But the new MSN service, called AdCenter and set to roll out in Singapore and France in the coming months, will bump Overture ads in the long run and let MSN own a major source of its advertising revenue. (Microsoft splits fees collected from marketers with Overture.)

Microsoft does not have a specific date for a U.S. launch, but it envisions operating the ad network globally, said Adam Sohn, an MSN spokesman.

"Call this the third leg of the search stool," said Sohn. "First, we introduced algorithmic search, then desktop (search), which is still in beta, and now the advertising platform."

With the product, Microsoft will move into the mother lode of a multibillion-dollar ad business dominated by Google and Yahoo. Search-engine marketing is expected to be worth as much as $5 billion this year, and nearly $9 billion annually within four years, according to Jupiter Research. Microsoft's piece of the pie is smaller than the shares enjoyed by market leaders Yahoo and Google, and the software giant is hungry for more.

Google fields 35.1 percent of the searches online, followed by Yahoo at 31.8 percent and MSN at 16 percent, according to ComScore QSearch. If the number of searches translates to the percentage of the ad market, MSN generates roughly $1.6 billion annually from search, minus the portion shared with Overture.

MSN's product is far from fully baked, according to Sohn, but it could eventually crowd rivals, search engine watchers say. Given that there is a finite number of searches conducted on the Internet, and hence a limited number of opportunities to display search-related ads, MSN will grab ad dollars away from Yahoo and Google, they say. According to data from ComScore QSearch, there were roughly 4.9 billion search queries in the United States during the month of January.

"The big pie of searches out there isn't getting any bigger" because of MSN's ad platform, said industry expert Danny Sullivan. "All that's

Continued ... MSN vs. Yahoo and Google
The things Sony doesn't want you to know:

Nintendo is no longer in last place. Around October of last year word was flying around that Nintendo was on the verge of bankruptcy. . . Well, now Sony's the company nearing the bottom with PS3 coming out around April 2006. Microsoft and Nintendo passing each other back and forth before the debut of XBOX 360 is about to change in March of 2005. When Nintendo is planning the release for Nintendo Revolution. The revolutionary system of Nintendo, allowing you to play any game from NES to GameCube. (Fact of the Game Boy collection still unknown). Although it is a fact the various games of NES, SNES, N64, and GCN will all be able to be played, so if you're one of the several thousand Nintendo fans out there wanting to buy this system might want to search the used game stores around before everyone's going to want to start getting back into the old games. . . or for that matter, new games. Sony is going to have quite the competition against the two systems of the future, XBOX 360 and Nintendo Revolution. For the most part, the fact PS3's going to be around $550, when yes you can get XBOX 360 in the same price range with $200 worth of accessories added on to the $400 main price. It can be bought for both $400 and $550. Although Revolution being the cheapest, $300, prices can be deceiving. The most expensive is not always the best in the world of console systems. Accessories? Maybe.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

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